Mail merge / export a text field to a numerical field in Excel

I have a free text field that calculates a numerical value using [formula] [/formula]. This works great within Ragic and shows the number in the text field without any problems.

Now, I want to mail merge / export that number into an Excel spreadsheet, but no matter what I do, I can’t find a way to get that number exported into a number cell in Excel. Any suggestions?

Is there no equivalent of Excel’s Value(Text Field) that converts the text field value to a numerical value?


Are you referring to exporting a field description via mail merge? If so, that is not supported in Ragic. Please make sure that the formula result is saved to a normal Ragic field (numeric, free text, or any other field type) which allows you to export that field’s value using mail merge.

No, I am not talking about a field description. I have Free Text field that calculates a number using [formula] [/formula]. But I can’t find a way to export the formula result using mail merge. It exports as a text field with the formula written out instead of the formula result.

For example:

Free text field in Ragic sheet shows 123.34
Exports to Excel as ROUND(20 + 30 + 50 + 23.3369,2)
How can I export the 123.34 result and not the semi-calculated formula?

There should be a way to set a number field to equal the free text field and export that instead… but I can’t get that to work either.


You would have to apply a fixed formula on the field in the design mode to be able to successfully export that value via mail merge. This is because it is not supported to mail merge the resulting value after applying BBCodes.

OK, so what workaround can I come up with to prepare the data for export?


You’ll have to make sure that the value is saved on Ragic without any BBCodes. This can be done by either applying a fixed formula to the field in the design mode, or just manually entering the value in the Ragic field after manual calculation.

There is no way to calculate the original value without BBCodes. So I must find a way to turn the BB code value into a number in Ragic using a new, number field before exporting. Right now the text field shows:


and this is what shows in Excel after a mail merge. Is there a formula in Ragic that can process the BBCode into a numerical field first?

Screenshot 2024-02-03 at 02.24.18


As mentioned earlier, it would require you to do the calculation elsewhere and enter the calculated value manually or apply a fixed formula on the field in the design mode to export the value via mail merge.