Mail Merge doesn't respect filter settings

We are using the mail merge function to generate multiple Excel files in a zip-file.

There are subtables in the mail merged records that collects data from another table.
The subtables have a fixed default filter (we even tried to set a fixed filter on parent record)

But what ever we do …

The mail merge contains all possible subtable entries, not only the filtered ones.
Is there a work around to merge only the filtered items?

Kind regards

We consider this a bug, so we put it in this category - please move if we are wrong


This is currently not supported. I’ve forwarded your feedbacks to our development team and will let you know once it’s online.

Is there a way to use mail merge on address labels? I can get it to merge just one of the addresses but I would like to put several different addresses on the same label sheet.

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As I’m not quite sure about what you meant, do you mind sharing with us an actual example with some screenshots to refer to?

(Please note that you cannot mail merge from multiple fields that share with same field names, you will need to use different names both in sheet design and mail merge formatting file, or you can use field ids as the parameter in your mail merge formatting file.)


Hi Amy

I have build an example on

There is a subtable in the Objects Sheets linked to the Parts Sheet, showing only the Parts marked as New - do a mail merge and the filter is ignored.

There is a shared view “Only new Parts” filtering out the used Parts - do a mail merge and the filter is ignored.

Do not hesitate to contact me, when anything about that problem can be fixed on our side.


Hi Oliver,

Sorry for the confusion. I was actually replying to @judgmentclaims.

For the issue you reported, as mentioned in previous reply that I’ve forwarded to our development team and will let you know once it’s fixed.

Thank you.

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Hi Oliver,

This issue is now fixed. For on-premise users, you will need to wait for the patch after August 15.


Hi Amy,

The project I am working on needs to print many labels based on a record list sheet with a fitler. When we mail merge to Excel it only prints one record. I see your document sates that Excel does not support multiple entries and we should create multiple entries in word for the amount of entries we need. The problem is that if the client wants say 100 labels then we would need to copy and paste the label entry 100 times.

Is this the only way to do this or is there another way or something I am missing?

Thanks a ton

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