Lock entry action button - used with combine buttons feature!


I’m trying to combine the “lock record” action button with two other buttons (submit record, and updated values).The first two combined fine, however, when I just created the lock record button, it did not make itself available to be combined with the other two buttons.

I am doing something wrong here? Also, nowhere in the Learning Center does it mention that this is not possible!

Looking forward to your response!



Due to the rollback behavior of action button’s failure, it’s not supported to combine the action buttons design more Custom Buttons under Form Tools.

Do you have any updates on this feature? It would be helpful if the submit button updates values on another sheet and locks the record.


It’s not supported at the moment. Given that the update values on another sheet action button will have a system date field to record the execution time, a workaround would set up conditional formatting so that the system will set all fields as read-only when the system date field is not empty.