Loading data from another form using formula

I’m quite new to Ragic and trying to figure out something very basic which we do in Excel. I have two forms. There are multiple products which we deal with in business. First form records products movement on daily basis. Second form need to calculate the remaining products in our inventory. So basically in excel we go and sum all the quantities of the first form corresponding to that particular item then subtract that from our existing stock. How is that logic implemented here in Ragic ?

The following is the logic which I want to implement.

SUMIF(Range, Criterion, Range)

This formula needs to work in the second form. But the ranges are in the first form. I’m not able to figure out how to achieve this using link and load ? Thank you


Nice to see you here!

We do have inventory module, which you could have a look.

There’re some linking tools like link and load, new sheets from subtable and show references from existing sheets to build the template, which could shows form A detail in related form B and do calculations on form B.

We would suggest you could install the template and see how it works and build the linking relationship on your own sheet. The linking instruction please see here: