Linking unique IDs in different subtables

Very new to building databases, help appreciated.

I am building a database for an academic research project that uses archive media reports (like old newspaper stories) as a source of information about crime.

Each news article has a unique ID, but will also mention one or more victim’s name in the story. Each victim name also has a unique ID (which is autogenerated). The article details and victim’s details are on separate linked tables – and this works great for the first article. My challenge is: how do I add a new article directly to a victim’s entry, without having to add a new article and create a new victim entry?

For example, let’s say an article in The Globe mentions Jane Smith. I create an entry for The Globe article, and link it to an entry for Jane Smith. Later I find another article in The Sun also about the same Jane Smith. I want to add the article to Jane Smith so that it is linked to the victim and creates a new ‘article’ listing.

Thank you for your help


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