Link Sheet: View only curtain entries with no edit

Hi Everyone,

I need advice on setting an access right.

We have sheet A contains my account info, and sheet B transaction info.

According to how Ragic work, we must give sheet A access to users because we have a linked field from sheet A in sheet B so that users can see a pop-up list and select the acct from Sheet B.

The problem is that we do not want them to see any records unrelated to them on Sheet A, but there is no option for that. We can’t give them the Viewer right because they will see all records and we can’t give them the Survey User right because they didn’t create the record on Sheet A.

We have tried to assign them as an entry controller to a specific record and give them the Survey User right on the sheet access level, but it defeats the purpose because they will be able to edit as well. Is there an option for viewing only assigned entries with no create and no edit?

Thank you to anyone who responds in advance.

Once you set up the above, you can tick “No Edit” advanced settings so they’ll be able to view assigned entries but no edit.

Thank you, Angie!

I have follow-up questions regarding the assigned entry; So if the person who creates the entry has the Admin right, how do we give the Survey User right to the entry controller?

Also, can you please confirm if the creator has the Survey User right will the entry controller be able to edit? from the document above “If the access rights for your sheet is set to “survey user”, when you set a selected user as the owner of an entry, they can see this entry even if they aren’t the creator.”, I understand that they will only be able to view but not edit?

Thank you for your help in advance.


Let’s say the creator is in the “Admin” user group while the entry controller is in the “Controller” user group.

In the global access panel, please grant the “Controller” user group with “Survey User” access right level while the “Admin” user group with “Admin” access right level.

On the sheet itself, you can create a “Select User” field with the assigned feature. Then, set up “No Edit” advanced settings for the “Controller” user group.

With the above settings:
The entry creator (“Admin” user group): will have the access to the entries they created. They’ll be able to view and edit even if you’ve assigned the entries to other controllers.

The controller (“Controller” user group): will have the access to the entries you assigned to them by filling in the “Select User” field. Based on the “No Edit” attribute, they’ll be able to view the entry but no edit. Moreover, if you fill in the “Select User” field with other controllers afterward, they no longer can view the entry anymore.

Note: if a user is listed in the “Admin” and “Controller” user groups simultaneously, he/she will access the sheet with “Admin” access right, which means they’ll have the ability to create, view, and edit all entries.

If this is not what you’re looking for, please elaborate more on your use case with an actual example for us to refer to.

Hi Angie,

Thank you for clarifying this. It helps a lot.

I have more questions about granting access to the “Controller” user group.
In order to assign someone as an entry controller, will a user need to belong to a group with at least a Survey User right to be able to view the entry assigned to them? If they don’t belong to any user group that has access to the sheet, will they be able to see and be granted the same right as the entry creator?


Yes, the user will need to belong to a user group that has the “Survey User” access right to the sheet. If not, the user won’t be able to see the entire sheet even you if assign entries to them.

Thank You, Angie!

I have a better understanding now.