Link N Load doesn't update fields when Linked Field changes

When the Assigned To/Select User field changes on sheet “Ragic Login” the Assigned To Email field appears to change, but on Save reverts back to its previous value.


Can you allow the Ragic support staff access to your account so we can have a look at what is causing this issue?

You can grant us access by clicking the “Need Help” link on the upper-right side of your account, and filling out the form.

Permission has been granted, but I just tried the functionality again and today IT WORKS! Do you think it might have been some sort of caching issue, and is there a way to clear the Ragic cache?


If you think it’s a cache issue, you can clear the browser cache and see if you get the same issue again.

I don’t think it was a Browser cache issue, because when I would select a new user the email field that was linked to it would also change to the correct email, but then when I hit the Save button was when it would go back to the very first email that populated in that field.


Please provide an entry URL that we can test with. If there are privacy issues, please follow up from the support ticket instead.