Link & Load Sync - Action Button


I’m looking to add the action button to my form, to sync the link & load, as it becomes necessary. Question here though… does this only apply to the current record?



Hi Kane,

Are you referring to re-populate the loaded value?
If so, yes, it will only affect the record where you execute this action button.

If you would like to sync all records, you will need to execute it under design mode:

I would like to sync (re-populate) all records, but not all fields… just one field. Is there an easy way to do this? Or do I need to make a new “set” that just has the one field I want to sync? Then re-link it back the way it was.


If you only want to sync one loaded field in a link and load relationship, you would have to modify your link and load relationship to make sure that it only has that one loaded field. This would mean that you would need to break your original link and load into two or more different relationships.