Link & Load Same Field Twice

Hi there,

Can I Link & Load one field more than 1 time or I can only link 1 field once?

For example:
I would like Link & Load the same thing twice in different Subtables.

Thank you.


Sure, you can link to the same field twice.

Since I’m not quite sure about what you meant, would you please share a screenshot of the issue for us to refer to?

Hi Angie and Amy,

Please find the Screenshot bellow.
You can see I already linked the Item Name Fields in both sheets in the “PO Items” subtable.

Now I would link to link the same field Item Name in the bellow subtable “SHIPMENTS”.

Thank you.

Sorry, I forgot the Screenshot.


From the screenshots it looks like you want to load the fields twice. Currently, It’s not allowed to load a fields to different subtables in a set of link and load. Hence, you’ll need to create another set of linking in the second subtables, linking the “Item Number” field and loading the “Item Name” field.