Link & Load -- 'link contains duplicate values'


I use the link & load feature for some of our project pages - usually I just duplicate the layout from one sheet to the next.

Today I duplicated the sheet and was trying to re-enter link & load from a different page, but I received the attached warning (please see the attached screenshot). When trying to connect the primary link, I get a warning that says ‘the field on the sheet you are trying to link from contains duplicate values’. In the past I have not had this issue, even if the sheet contains duplicate values in that particular field. Has something changed with Ragic, or is there something that I can adjust in my sheet to make the link & load work?

Thank you!

Daryl Christiansen


The feature is added recently for the purpose of preventing the users to select wrong entries.
Let’s say you have two entries with the same name, users might have difficulties to tell which one is the correct when they filling the form. Things will even worse if you import the entries from Excel as the system can’t recognize which entry is the correct one to link with.

With this restriction, you can only linked to a field with unique values. For example, an ID field or a field without duplicates. Hence, I would suggest removing duplicates from your source sheet or link to a field with unique value.


Thank you for the information. I will try using ID #s for the primary link.

In the past we never had a problem with confusing multiple entries with the same field, so I feel that it is unfortunate that Ragic has changed this. I was happy with the way it was. It seems that people who were having problems could easily add ID #s – without it affecting everyone else who were good with the way it was?

Thank you.

Daryl Chrisitansen


I see what you mean. However, most of the users haven’t aware of the error until they found out that some of the linked values are wrong. By that time, it would be pretty hard to trace back and check each entry due to the entry amount. Hence, we thought it would be better to prevent users from selecting fields with duplicates at the very beginning.


Please note the the linking relationship should always created / linked based on a key field.
We did receive many tickets regarding error result due to incorrect design by linking with a duplicate value so we make some adjustment to this features to prevent users from having incorrect design.

If you have linked with duplicate value, data might be updated incorrectly when you import data from excel / csv file or executing link & load sync, etc.

I am having the same error, however it is exactly what I want to create.
I have two tables: one Service where Service ID is unique, the other one is Invoice where obviously there will be multiple invoice ids for the same Service ID thus there will be multiple entries of the same service id. I want to have a subtable of all invoices for the same service ID and this link from Service table is not allowed to be created.
Thus, how do I achieve the linking?


You can manage multiple invoices within a Service entry via a subtable. As long as you don’t have duplicates invoices ID, you should be able to create the linking. If you still encounter this issue, please send us a ticket via “Need Help?” so that we could check your sheet design.