Link & Load Drop-Down on External Form

I am utilizing the external form. One of the entries is a drop-down from a Linked sheet. When selecting the field, there are no items in the list.

Is there a way to have the list from a Linked sheet appear on external forms?


Is your “External form” referring to a form used by external users to fill out?

If so, please confirm if the linked source form of your “External form” has granted permission for external users. The availability of the dropdown list in the external form depends on whether users have Access Rights in the source form.

Hello Benson,

I was referring to the data collection URL. When form users are accessing the form via the URL, they are not able to see the Link & Load dropdown, specifically on non-desktop applications.


I’m not entirely sure what you mean by the data collection URL. Is this referring to a Ragic form?

Additionally, have you confirmed the users’ Access Rights to the form? The reason for not being able to see the dropdown list is usually due to the lack of permissions in the “source form.”

Since I can’t determine the exact situation from the information provided, please provide a complete screenshot or a screen recording of the process. If it’s inconvenient to provide it here, please contact customer support by clicking on “Need Help?” at the top right corner of your database and provide the screenshots or screen recording so that we can understand the actual situation.

Thank you.

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Dear Benson1,

My apologies for such a late reply. I was side-tracked with another project, but I was able to review your suggestions for Access Rights and it makes sense.

After educating myself on the types of Users, I was able to change settings to allow the appropriate users to see different linked lists.

Thank you so much for your help!