Link and Load when completing form in Subtable


I have some forms with a lot of fields that pull-through from other tables.

I wanted to add these forms as a sub-table, showing just the few fields that need completing, and have people fill out the forms from the sub-table.

However, while that works, and it creates a new record etc, when I then go to the record it has created, none of the fields that are meant to have pulled-through have in fact done so. If I reinsert the fields that they are linked with then it all pulls-through correctly, but this is a duplication of my time as I have only just completed these fields back in the sub-table.

Is there a fix for this, or is there perhaps a “refresh” style button that could force these field to pull-through?


Do you meant that on the new sheet created from subtable, there’s link & load from parent sheet that loaded value did not populate when you create this record from the subtable in the parent sheet record?
If you only create subtable data from parent sheet and would like to view the related values of parent sheet, please use the linking tool “link fields from parent sheet” to add the fields you need from the parent sheet.