Link and Load sync

Hi, as i am a total newbie to this sort of stuff i have a question with probably a simple answer.
I have my customer database. I am creating worksheets for our engineers. Once the work has been completed i am using link and load to attach the worksheet to the customer. It all works fine. However if the engineer cant complete the work he selects Pending from the selection rather than Complete. I am finding that once the worksheet is changed from Pending to Complete the linked data isnt updated. I have added an action to re-sync the form but i dont understand why the data isnt automatically updated.

I have read this from the link manager: But dont really understand it.
If a formula recalculation on source Job Sheet is not triggered by itself,
the loaded values on this sheet will not be synced with the source data.
Loaded field(s) containing formula(s) on sheet Job Sheet : Job Date, Engineer, Completed

I have ticked the Keep loaded value sync with source box too but it doesnt make any difference.

Thanks in advance



Can you allow the Ragic support staff access to your account so we can have a look at your current design?

You can allow access by clicking the “Need Help” link on the upper-right side of your account and filling the form.