Link and load dropdown like Selection

Our users and some other Ragic clients have mentioned the link and load dropdowns are not as user friendly as the way selections dropdowns work.


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If the user type in the values directly, it will be displayed as a drop-down menu:

I have a question here!

And please let me allow you to indulge! As I have been wondering about this myself for some time!

In my Ragic database, some time ago, I was prompted to change all my link and loads, so that they link and load only from the key field. Previously, I selecting contacts by their name, and now I do it using the contacts ref #. Now I was not prompted to change to the key field for link and load in sub tables, so many of them in my database, still remain unchanged, and so I can still select a person, using their name. I prefer it that way actually, however, I could not have left the form page regular link and loads as it was a mandatory change at the time, as I had duplicate values, from what I understand! Now today, by the way I just checked this, when I create a regular form page link and load and I select a filed other than a key field, I get a warning, if their are duplicate values, it still works though, even if I do not remove the duplicates, however I believe the case is that if the link and load drops out, and I have to reset it for what ever reason, it may relink to the wrong record for those entries that have duplicates. And as for sub tables, since Ragic having made those changes, well link and load sub tables only ever did work by using a key field for the link, and as for sub tables with a select from another sheet (with or without any link and load additional fields), well those can still be set to link from fields other that the key one.

In retrospect, it works the way it should, and changes that prompted me some time ago to change to a link field, was a good idea, as I could have unknowingly lose data. And lastly, it’s great that I can still use fields other than the key field to link from, and if their are duplicates, Ragic now clearly suggest that I remove them before linking the data.

My question is, did I get anything wrong here? If you will!

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What I do for client is create a concatenated field Name + RecID and do the link and load from that. Not perfect as your reports and things have Name (no) but at least it works.

Suggestion to the developers
When we built Radical (very similar to Ragic) back in 2001 we had a hidden element with the record ID of each displayed option then we could display duplicates records, but we knew when you selected an item what the hidden unique record id was and the used that for the dropdown link and load. This can simply be a HTML tag per record displayed in the link and load list that you then use to pull the correct record data.