Laying out select form data instead of using the entire form as in (scroll down)
At this link, I have embedded in read-only mode a ragic form and two sub-tables. This is a direct way to present to the user what we are developing in the way of managed data. However, there are better ways of presenting data but this was super-efficient because it just uses the url associated with “Share This Entry”.

What is an efficient and straightforward way to present on a web page a form and associated subtables where not all of the fields are relevant. I have used many web object frameworks and they can become laborious and tedious … I am looking for some approach that is efficient to layout a section of a web page with select form field and subtable data.


If you would like to only display certain fields of your form on your web embeds, I would suggest creating a multiple version sheet with only certain fields displaying first. After that sheet is created, you may then embed that sheet on your website.