Latitude, Longitude Pull from Device

Is it possible to write a script that requests the location of the device and saves the Latitude/Longitude? I reviewed the API docs but Lat/Long is only referenced once for the address field.

It seems the API documentation has removed some methods I remember being there, so I wonder if it exists and just isn’t listed?


Not sure what you mean by “the location of the device" and "saves the Latitude/Longitude”?

Ragic is a database design tool, you may use Ragic API to integrate Ragic with different applications. Which methods are you referring to?

If you need further support, please kindly elaborate more on your question for us to refer to.

I meant in the Ragic app for iOS/Android. The address field allows you to set a pin on your phone and it will save the address of the pin, I was curious if there was a way to save the Lat/Long instead? Addresses usually are not as precise as we need them to be.


Currently, we do not support pining and saving the user’s current address or Latitude/Longitude in Ragic (Both Website and APP).

We’re working on this feature, and I’ve added you to the notification list. We’ll notify you when this feature is launched.