Knowledge Base

I rarely get results with using Knowledge Base. For example, if I type in “Functions”, I get this:
Found 0 documents related to “functions”. Or if I enter getFieldValue, same result even though this appears to be part of some kind of code library.
And I have full site search selected. Am I doing something wrong?


To find an article in our document search bar, the keyword you entered needs to match the article title.
If you couldn’t find the article you need, please feel free to contact us by clicking on “Need Help?” at the upper right corner of your database.

That goes against the concept of keywords. Keywords are not titles, they are words that may be part of a title and part of a document. When I use a search engine, I enter words, not titles usually. How would I happen to know the title?


The search bar of our document is not the normal search engine, and it only supported finding the same words in the article title.
As I mentioned previously, If you could not find the article you wanted, you may write to us with the description of the function you need (by clicking on “Need Help?” at the upper right corner of your database), and our staff will find the article for you.

We will be adding support for full content of the articles in the near future.