It says 'unlimited records', but...


How many can a single sheet contain and still work nicely? I am toying with the idea of building a dictionary in a single sheet, consisting of content from hundreds of smaller glossaries, identifying them by a ‘source’ column. This way I can sort alphabetically though my entire collection. Anyway, I have a lot of data, and don’t know if Ragic! can handle it. What still works well? 100,000 entries? 1,000,000 entries? 5,000,000 entries? 40,000,000 entries?

By entries I mean a row, something like this:

|werkcilinder|slave cylinder||Automotive Glossary ( |
|werkplaats|workshop||Automotive Glossary ( |
|werkruimte|work space||Automotive Glossary (|




Hi Michael,

This will mostly depend on how you use your data. If you do not do any operations that requires a full table scan, it will work reasonably well.

Things that requires full table scan includes:

  1. Searching for records not using exact matches.
  2. Almost all of the reports will require a full table scan.

Other than the above, things should work well in our experience for less than 1 million records. For over 1 million records, it may require a bit more testing and tuning to make sure it works well.