Issues with Date Formatting

it seems to me Ragic has a problem with date formatting. Despite the fact i have chosen dd/MM/YY as my format for most of my dates Ragic insists on reverting to YYYY/MM/dd whenever i perform any actions.
I have a Date field lets call it A10 set to date- dd/MM/yy. I have another field where i extract just the month. This is a free text field so i can search on it. Lets call it C10 I have to use the formula MID(A10,5,2) intead of MID(A10,3,2) this is because it seems to be ignoring the formatting.
Now i know about it, its no big deal but i guess this must be a bug ?


The formulas will only take the original data to calculate instead of the formatted value.
If you would like to retrieve the month value of the a date field, you can use MONTH() formula.
Or if you would like to retrieve the month value of the specified formatting, you will need to use another free text field applied with TEXT() formula, then use MID() formula to retrieve the value from this free text field instead.