Issue with app

The first issue is that when i click on the item ID in a subtable form
it takes me to a random item on the main stocktake table

Second issue is when i scan for a QR code in the Deductions form (subtable) which is connected to Stocktake (maintable) it just go’s round in circles and cant find anything. This problem does not exist when i scan for tthe QR code in the main form.


Please submit a ticket through “Need Help” at upper right corner in your database > Support Ticket, fill up the form with below information.

  1. OS of your mobile device and its version
  2. Your Ragic mobile app’s version
  3. urls of the sheet you currently have the issue with
  4. Screen video of the steps to reproduce the issue (to prevent being blocked from the mail server due to large attachment upload, please upload the video to this page and provide us the url.)