ISO date formats

I had issues due to a little-noticed mishap with ref. dates. I regularly import CSV files exported from Apple Numbers where I set the date to the format YYYY-MM-DD. in applying the date format in Ragic! design mode, I had set the format to this custom format and I didn’t realize this was causing the problem! The format with the dashes, I believe, is also easier to read than the one with the slashes.

According to this Ragic! reference article here : the ISO date format is yyyy/MM/dd (not exactly sure of the capitalized MM either).

According to at least this Wikipedia article ( the format with the dashes is the ISO format, meaning the Apple Numbers date format is correct. Wherein lies the confusion?!

Can we get some clarity on this? Ordinarily, I would not have raised the issue but I spent considerable time trying to figure out why some of my date calculations were not working (such as records not showing in Calendar reports. The problem went away when I fixed the dates to the yyyy/mm/dd format). The Ragic! documentation needs to be updated to address the error (and of course, the yyyy-mm-dd conveniently missing from the preset date formats in Ragic! needs to be updated as well).

Thank you!

Hi Kenneth,

Would you mind submitting a support ticket via the “Need Help” button located on the top right corner of your database screen and include the details of this issue (link to the sheet, descriptions of the problem, workflow detials, examples, screenshots, CSV files) so we can have a better understanding of the problem in order to help?

I’ll provide detailed info. when I get more time… But in the mean time, there’s ample info. in my original post to answer the most fundamental question : Is the date format listed in Ragic / documentation, the official ISO format? Can we start with that?


+1 for Ragic fixing (or adding) the proper ISO 8601 ‘yyyy-mm-dd’ date format.

I don’t know why anybody would build a new tool like Ragic and use a non-standard format like ‘yyyy/MM/dd’. Kind of an abomination.

Glad to see support for my query from a like-minded community member :grinning:. I have not heard back from Ragic on clarifying the date format or conformance to the official ISO format.

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