Is this the right software?

My apologies if this is the wrong place to make this inquiry, but I’m learning a ton on the fly, and Ragic seems like it could be a solid solution to my problems. I’ll be as brief as possible.
I’m a small business owner, and the company has grown significantly over the last couple of years and we are on overwhelm. Excel can do some of what I’m talking about, and maybe even all, but it feels like too much of a hassle. Ragic seems like it could simplify much of the work once some solid up front work is put in. Here is what I am after.

  1. Identify projects with Name, Revenue size, dates started and stopped…etc. This is basic, and it just means I’ll have a bunch of data points. Easy, normal, stuff.
  2. I need to create monthly revenue projections for potential future projects and ongoing projects. This is where it gets tricky with Excel. Before a project starts and let’s say it’s 100,000 gross revenue, I would like to put start and stop dates into the database and then amortize that total amount between the two dates to create a monthly revenue amount. Once the project starts then I would like to put it ACTUALIZED Revenue we did in that month (for GAAP purposes), and then have the other months automatically adjust their forward projections. Of course, the total budget will adjust as it always does in our industry so that will be editable as well.
  3. Be able to export revenue data cross referenced with multiple data points, and be able to isolate various time series in that reporting.
    In essence, I want to list projects with wide variety of data points which based on the tutorials I’ve done is super easy. It’s the monthly reporting that is ALWAYS in flux for us combine with projections and actualization that trips everything up. I’m doing it Excel right now, but I need to delegate this, and having a nicer and simpler front end for people would be ideal with calculations that we can rely on. Thanks for your help.

Hi,I’m tce123. I’m a new beginner for Ragic and many years experience for Ms.Excel & VBA.
I’m quite interest for your case, so can you send a sample and explain detail to me?

My you.