Is there any way to mass-update entries through APIs?

Hello there! Let’s say I’d like to set the field X of every entry in a table to 0. Let’s also suppose I have 10k entries. Now, I would have to make 10k api calls and that’s the problem! Is there any way to do a mass-update through the API? I can’t find anything in the documentation.
Thank you!


You can simply use the mass update to update the field X with “0”. May I know the reason why you would like to update it through API?

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Because I have to periodically set that field. Is it possible through API?


It’s currently not supported yet. But we can consider adding this support in the future. This does seem like a good alternative to writing and running daily workflow scripts.

OK! That’d be really great! Just one API call to update them all instead of many API calls.