Is there a way to set a webhook per event?

So, I would like to have different webhooks in the same table, based on events. For example, when adding a new entry, call webhook A; when editing an entry, call webhook B; when deleting an entry, call webhook C. Is this possible?

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Good question as you only get the nodeID. UI am new to Webhooks.

What tool are you using?
I did some quick tests using and got the below results.

It is fine for a created record as you can use the API to get the new record data.
:question: If you only get the NodeID then for updated records you don’t know what changed and even more confusing is if a record is deleted then how do you get data from the deleted record to update another application.

I suppose the same applies to Zapier.

Can anyone help us please?


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Bumping this. I am guessing that there is no way to distinguish between a “create” entry and a “Deleted” entry from the data sent to a webhook from Ragic. Can someone confirm this is a limitation?