Is there a record in a related sheet

I have a sheet for a project.
I have a related sheet from which I send estimates.
I would like to have a filed which tells me if I have sent an estimate in a project when I am looking at the summary of records in a the project sheet - I dont want to have to go into a record to view the subtable of estimates.
How do I do it?


You can do this by creating a field to be updated whenever an estimate is created for a certain project. You can create an action button in your Estimate sheet to update a field value in the sheet Projects.
To change the fields displayed in the summary of records, go to your projects sheet’s Design Mode in the listing page, pick the fields you would like to display by adding them to the “Selected Fields” in the Listing Page Field Picker window.

On the other hand, if you would like to update your estimates in a subtable, you must first link your sheets, then create a reference subtable in your Project’s sheet and link it to a field in the Estimates sheet. This will allow you to automatically save your Estimates in the subtable.

Note that subtable fields cannot be displayed on the listing page, and you will have to access the entry to see the estimates in the subtable.