Is Non Profit Corp Sponsor not linked to Sales?

Hi, I’m new and trying to understand the joins/links between areas.
I’m looking at this for a non-profit, so have started with Sales templates and Non-profit templates.
I have a list of prospective, past, and current donor/sponsors/volunteers which I was entering as Leads, Opportunities, Accounts.
I actually entered the 2 initial Company “tests” as Accounts. The first entered with a type = Prospect since they have not given, and the second I left blank as they have donated gift cards.
I went to Non-Profit>Donations entering in the donation information, basic event information, and when I went to enter the Corporate Sponsor, I expected to see the list of Accounts I had entered, or when I started typing, a sub-list of the accounts, or something that referred back to the Accounts entered in Sales.
Is there a link between Sales CRM and Non-Profit in the templates, or will this be one of my “custom sheets”?
Thanks for the help!


By default, the “Corporate Sponsors” sheet isn’t linked to the “Accounts” sheet since the sponsor might be clients or suppliers. If you would like it link to the “Accounts” sheet under the CRM template, you may follow the steps below:

Step 1. In the “Donation” sheet, remove the links of the “Company ID” field and save the design.

Step 2. Change the “Company ID” field to “Select from other sheet” field type, link to the “Account ID” field under the “Accounts” sheet, and save the design. Then, set other fields as loaded fields if necessary.

Step 3. In the “Accounts” sheet, use show references from existing sheets to insert the “Donations” sheet as a subtable.

In the future, you’ll be able to select from the “Accounts” sheet when creating a new “Donations” entry. In case you have issues when setting up above, please kindly let us know in which steps that you have the issue and share a screenshot of the error for us to refer to.

Once you completed the design change above, the “Donations” and “Accounts” sheets will be counted as customized sheets. Besides, you may delete the “Corporate Sponsors” sheet if it’s longer needed.