Is it possible to combine customers

Hello Ragic,

I have an Excel sheet with multiple entries for each customer. Each customer interaction creates a new entry so when I go to import into Ragic, I’m going to have five different entries for Suzie Q. I would like to combine all of those so that all of Suzie’s entries are under one customer.

Does that make sense? Is it possible?

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Do you mean you have 5 entries of the same customer with the same columns in the Excel file, but you would like to merge the content on the same columns together?

If you have the same “name” or “customer ID” of some sort to tell that these are data from the same customer, you can “update and replace” the value in the same fields in Ragic.
However, if you have data in in Excel, and you would like to merge them together, you should do it in Excel first, otherwise Ragic cannot distinguish and merge them all into the same field.

If you are looking to merge data from different rows of the same customer into say the first line, you should be able to do that by using some Excel formula. After you merge the data in Excel and delete the duplicated entries, you can import to Ragic.

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Thanks for the guidance. And I’m still unclear. Here’s some simplified sample data to maybe help figure this out.

Is there a way that these entries be combined so I can open Suzie or Joe’s record and see all of their customer interactions in one record?

Looks like these are the “multiple follow records” of each customer, in Ragic, this kind of data should be stored in “subtable”.
Once you have the follow-ups subtable designed in your customer sheet in Ragic, you can import data from excel file to subtable by following this instruction.


Sorry, I think I misread the question. Didn’t notice that it’s only for interactions.
Amy’s suggestion is exactlly what you need.

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