Integration with Trello


Hello, Ragic users. My name is Giovanni and I’m the founder of Alhures Software.

The most important problem I believe computers can solve is giving normal people the power to work with structured data without the need to hire an IT department or buy a stupid premade program with premade choices on it. That’s what Ragic does. I didn’t know Ragic existed before I started using Fieldbook, but now I do, and I think it is amazing. I’ve also just noticed the existence of a Ragic API, which makes possible to do interesting things with its data.

Anyway, I’m here to ask if Ragic users in general are interested in an integration with Trello. I’m experienced in designing apps that integrate with Trello, including Trello Power-Ups, and I think that maybe it would be interesting to have the power to visualize a Ragic table in a Trello board, for example, with Ragic records mapping to Trello cards and one of the fields mapping to the list in which the card is.

I have many use-cases in my imagination, but I want to hear from you before I start building this.


Great idea. I have only recently started using Trello and love the visual interface. Would be good to have a link between both.


it’s really a good idea, hope Ragic is able to make the link.
right now i use a link to connect to Trello

#4 has an integration between Ragic and Trello.
very easy to set up.



I agree Trello and Ragic would be a killer solution for so many use and I would be happy to assist in helping you design, test and promote it. I am actually in need of something like that for the company I work at right now.

You can email me at