integration with gymmaster with help of zapier


i want to integrate ragic to gymmaster by using zapier .but with use zapier only specific data is going to integrate with gymmaster but i need whole data which is in ragic should be updated in the gymmaster databse. how can it be possible ?


In the Zapier, we only support new entries as the trigger. Hence, I would suggest deleting all entries and re-import them after you set up the Zap in Zapier. (This only works if you don’t have subtable inside. If you have concerns about deleting entries, you can send us a ticket by clicking on the “Need Help?” at the upper right corner of your database and fill in the form of support ticket so that we could check the design for you.)

yeah . i tried but in trigger we only can update custom and dynamic fields only i need to update the other data . in zapier when we integrate from ragic to gymmaster it only shows dynamic fields like basic personal information only but i need to add other data in personal profile of memebers in gymmaster from ragic. how can it be possible ?

has we see that we can only update the basic info but i need to update other info which is not showing in the gymmaster fields . how can i resolve it ?


We can’t decide what fields can be updated in the gym master side. You may need to check with their support team.