Instructions for the Description fields!

Hey people,

I know that “instructions” can be added to Ragic’s fields…
[Settings Tab/Field Setting/Other/Instructions]

What about, on the description field? I don’t see it there!
I know I have been getting along just fine making do without it! However, it would be good to have, and definitely preferable in many instances for me!

I hope you consider this inclusion!

Thanks for your ongoing unwavering assistance!



Can you elaborate more on your use case so that we can evaluate if it’s something we can improve in the future?

Hi Angie,

Basically, if I have some information that I would like to include in the “Header”, let’s say. And it is not specific to any one field!

Then it may be best to include a Description Filed as an additional header, going directly above the existing header row. This description field can usually be filled with a title, or subtitle, and you may even be able to include a few words, however if you want to put more information about the sub table, information not specific to any field, as I have described, then logically it may be best to have an instruction field capability included in the Description Fields as well!

At the moment I just include such information in the first field header instructions!

Let me know if this is clearer now!



Hi Kane,

Thank you for your explanation. However, we still have some uncertainties regarding your requirements. To better understand your needs, we kindly request that you simulate the desired effect using Excel and provide us with screenshots. This will help us gain a clearer understanding of your requirements.
Thank you.

I attached a Screen Shot!

That shows the “instructions” currently include in the first field of the CO-LISTING sub-table!

As this is a Key field, I do not have any instructions that need to be included really, other than maybe “Select all sub-units” maybe could be included there, otherwise!

Like I said, current message would be best, and I believe “should be” included in the HEADER! {I noticed that this would require different color “?”]

Best wishes!


Hi Kane,

We have forwarded your request to our technical team. If this feature is implemented in the future, we will notify you. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Best Regards,