In the form view, can I change the order of the fields (e.g. move a new field near the top)

By “form view” I mean what seems to be the default one-record-at-a-time vertical list of field names and field content.

I only use this database for personal use, for inventory of hobby items. I recently created a new field, which by default is at the bottom of the “form view” screen, and I would like to move it near to the top of the list. I do not see any obvious way to do this.

I know about the ability to modify the fields and field order in the listing view, but it would help me a lot if I could move a field in the form view. Or perhaps I can create a new one-record-at-a-time form with the fields in the order that I want?


If you wish to adjust the place of a filed in form page, please try long press the field and move it to the place in design mode.

Thank you!