In-Cell Editing

Hi. Is there a way to permit users to edit directly within ‘cells’, like in Excel?


Do you mean edit in listing page directly? If that’s the case, you may use edit multiple entries.

Understood, but I think that the user needs to select Tools >Edit Multiple Entries every time he/she opens the page. Is that right? if so, is there a way of saving that setting so that every time that page is opened the user can enter directly in the cells?

Hot key “e”.

(Any good idea to make this more obvious for the users?)

IMHO the problem with ‘e’ is that it is a volatile setting in as much that you need to hit ‘e’ after every ‘save’. I’d prefer to be able to set a page (or a column) to ‘in cell edit mode’ and have it always behave that way. I think there are a lot of people who see something that looks like a spreadsheet/table and expect it to be editable.

The problem with this is that when you click on a cell in listing page, the current behavior is to go to the form page for that record. It conflicts with editing the cell.

We are considering adding some type of floating icon to show up for cell editing when you hover over a cell on listing page.

Hi Jeff. What I’m suggesting is that it would be useful if the listing page designer could design the page to force users to enter data on a listing page EITHER in the current way (click on cell opens form page) OR the spreadsheet-style way (click on cell allows editing in-cell). Alternatively, you could give the end-user the option to toggle between ‘Form Mode’ and ‘In-Cell Mode’, perhaps using a slider button at the top of the page. Just a thought.