Importing Data to Linked Fields

I am trying to build sheets from existing data, and I want a field in my Client sheet to link to my Projects sheet. How do I use the imported data to create the link. The data is filling the field, but it isn’t creating the link (populating the other fields). I can go through and manually link them, but that isn’t feasible, and that would make it impossible to automate later. I am sure this is a basic thing and I am just going to facepalm when you tell me, but please help anyway.


From your description, I assume that you now have 2 sheets, one for client and the other for project. And, those sheets are with imported entries but without linking.

My advice would be cleared all your entries first. (Please make sure your have the excel to re-upload before your delete those entries.)

Then, enter the design mode of your “Project” sheet and change the field type of “Client Name” to “Select from other sheet”, linking to your “Client” sheet. You may create a new entry to test if the linking works. Once you confirm the linking is done, you may re-import your data to those two sheets. (Please refer to this article for preparing your import file. )

This would be the safety way to create the link and keep the correctness of your data.

Tips: we strongly recommend creating unique value to each of your client and project so that Ragic can map the links correctly.

My issue is related in topic but different in behaviour.
I imported 2 sheets: One has the unique Service ID and the other has the invoice data with the referenced Service ID.
I have created the link between Invoice data and Service sheet. This cleared the data in there Service ID on the Invoice sheet. I have re-imported the Invoice data and the Service ID on the Invoice is still not populating. What can I do to ensure that the ongoing upload process of invoice data works?


Would you mind issuing a ticket through “Need Help?” at the upper right corner of your database so that we can have a look at your sheet design? Also, please provide the file you used to import for us to test here.