Import system logs into table for filtering review

Support has always come up with fast response and great support help. Thank you!

My question is:
Is there a way to import the maintenance logs into a database sheet?
Mainly the system log (user login & IP address) and the mail log.
I’m thinking the import URL function, but haven’t tried that yet to see if it works.
I was hoping there might be a more direct way.

The direction would be to select a user and see their access information along with the number of times they login and used the system on a monthly or 3 or 6 month bases. The IP address would also help to be an indicator if they shared their login information with some else.

I’m sure many this would be very handy for many other customers.

Many thanks for your time to respond…:slight_smile:


This could be achieved with the “User Status” report under the “Report” tab. If you can’t find it under the “Report” tab, please send us a ticket via “Need Help?” so that we can install it for you.