Image dimensions incorrect in mail merge (XLS) and PDF exports

I’ve noticed for awhile now that my images in mail merge (XLS) and PDF exports from Ragic are incorrectly formatted. I’ve played with the settings as much as I can but am still experiencing incorrectly sized images in these files that Ragic creates.

With XLS mail merges, the images are stretched in the left right direction. The aspect ratio is not maintained whether i click on that box or not. The checkbox seems to do nothing.

With PDF exports, I have two images side by side. The first image is much smaller than the second photo even though the settings for both photos are identical on the sheet. This issue has been around for a couple of years. It went away for awhile, but it’s back again (at least for me it is).


To allow Ragic Support to understand this case better, could you please submit a support ticket via the “Need Help?” button and provide us with the necessary related details (current workflow, describe what’s not working correctly, related entry URLs and export files) so we can take a further look?