icons in Tabs and Support Audit History in RS Demo

  1. In the RSDemo I noticed that the tabs have icons, but I do not see instructions on how to do that.
  2. Also I love the Support Audit History sheet. How is this achieved as I need this.

Also, is there a way to style the Selection Tabs? (the tabs that are created when you create a “Section”?


To change your tab’s icon, please refer to this document.
To find your sheet’s design history, you can find the details in your sheet’s previous versions or history analyzer.
Finally, the section’s tab design cannot be modified. It is only supported to change the name of sections.

I was actually referring to the icon on the actual tab in the Demo located here: Ragic Solutions Demo - Ragic


And the sheet that was designed called Audit History located here: - Support Audit History

Thanks for your time though.


I think the icons on tabs were added using emojis. You can append emojis to your tab names.

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