Ical and embeded calendars ignoring the filters

I have a table that records who is working on jobs. It is called ‘all people on all jobs’ or something like that. Every row in the table mentions a job (start date, end date, description) and the name of someone working it. Some jobs have more than one row as there is one row per person.

I have created a saved filter to show just the jobs that one or two people are on.

If I then go to tools - and then either calendar sync or view the calendar report and embed it in a web page I get the results from the whole table and not the filtered version (even though the calendar shows the filtered version).

Am I missing something or is this a limitation of the software.

Thanks very much for an excellent resource. I love it :slight_smile:



Calendar sync does not support applying views at the moment. I’ve added you to the notify list of feature released and will keep you posted once there is an update.