I need a Ragic expert to assist with my basic structuring. Venmo, paypal, etc. LMK!

I have a simple database I am trying to build. I do not have time to ‘peruse’ and ‘learn as I go’

I have the following:
I need a database person to enter ‘category’ - choose from 8-12. That cascades into the next choice. Choose that second choice, then move on to enter pricing. VERY SIMPLE, but I want assistance asap. email: rpoday911@gmail.com

Ex: Categories are “Dairy, Meat, Cheese, Seafood” - pick one of those. Based on the choice, the next ‘choice’ to choose from is cascaded: if they choose meat, they ONLY see the meat options - not dairy, cheese, seafood.

REPLY Back and let’s roll. I will pay