I am liking this!


Ragic is cool. Many of the features seem like they were taken from my head.
As a low intermediate Access developer, I found that MS made things harder than they should.

I was making access listing sheets with macro buttons to bring up the single record sheet for add/edit. This feature is automatic in Ragic! Talking about saving time.

The formulas are intuitive and it refreshes without adding code.

The cloud backing is awesome. I use dropbox with my access files and it is a pain (takes too much time) synching the files on all computers.

I’ll keep posting more features that I like…


PS: I just found out Ragic team is from Taiwan.
My family is from Taiwan too! I grew up in Dominican Republic but I still wish to return to my other “home”.



Thank you for sharing your experience!!!
We’re glad that you like it and we will keep on improving!!!