How to wrap text in value cell formatted as 'Free Text'

I want to be able to have long-form descriptions on my form page in a text box, but when I type a paragraph worth of text it is not wrapping correctly. In the past there seemed to have been a ‘wrap text’ option under the basic formatting tab. Now the option has been changed to ‘do not wrap text’, but when left unchecked the text does not automatically wrap.


Are you referring to the background field? If the field width is enough for the value, it won’t automatically wrap text.

It is harder to see in the screenshot, but the amount of text there is more than enough to fill the entire box at full length. This is my exact problem, the field is only showing the amount of text above, but there is much much more text (A paragraph’s worth) that is not showing because it is not wrapping to the dimensions of the field.

Please kindly open a ticket to our support team so that we could look into this issue. :slight_smile:

Hi did this issue get resolved? it seems that I am having the same problem?