How to: Update status of form field from subform filed

I need to keep the status of five items (main form) that have status of open or close.
In subform I want to record all changes of either of those five items that people using form, do. It might not be right approach for that task so different ideas are welcome.


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There is not much more to it.
I have five variables that I always want to know their last defined status. Statuses are “open” or “closed”. This status is changed by different users of app. They can change status of either of this variables and this change need to be recorded with date, user, which variable, to what status and some text. This would be a table with change records. So users would need to se current status of variables and then have possiblity to change that status for desired variable.

I hope it is more clear


If the “variables” are simply Ragic entries in your database where users can edit their status, the “status” field should simply be a selection field with two options: “open” or “closed”.

Changes made to the Ragic entry (or "variables) will be listed in record history. However, if you want certain Ragic fields to display the entry’s last modified time and user, you can apply default values on those fields.

I am not sure I follow. I know the selection field purpose and I use it in this case.
For keeping record of changes of those ragic entries I presumed I need a table. So you suggest the system offers records of status changes for those entries? I still would like to keep a table for it since I expect to see comments from users for each change.


If you want to keep a table to list all changes to an entry, I would suggest creating a subtable to allow users to manually enter the entry modification details (modified user, time, details of modification, comments, etc.).

That was the idea. I do not know how to update main table of statuses of ragic variables from this subtable of change records.


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