How to specify a field default that's a lookup on another sheet entry?

My requirement is similar to an unsynced L&L (Link & Load) field in that it’s over-rideable, but my issue with L&L is that it’s all too easy to unintentionally sync or push changes that’ll spoil data. Hence me referring to it as a default rather than a linked field. Am achieving the requirement by having hidden L&L field(s) and referencing it as the field’s default (formula). It works but is very heavy and unnecessarily clunky. Am after an elegant lookup formula. Am I missing something that already provides this?


I guess the closest workaround is to have a separate field that uses a formula default value to reference the original loaded field. By doing that, on the new field, the system will populate the field using the value on the loaded field, but it can then be overridden after editing that new field.

Hi Fabio,

Thank you for your response. That’s exactly what I’m doing but it’s so clunky compared to a lookup formula. Would be great if Ragic could provide this feature.



Since link and load is used for syncing data from two different sheets, it can always be overridden when executing link and load sync.
Currently, the only workaround is to create a new field with a formula default value.