How to set up a CRM and vendor DB function for 3 users

Dear all,

We are a small startup. And we urgently would need a function in which 3 users could update contacts (potential client = leads) at the same times.
These contacts could be either companies or natural persons.

  • 1 user should be a super user (admin) who could also delete records
  • the other 2 users should be just normal users who could updated and amend the contacts, but not delete them

Is there an easy solution for this? And is it easy to set this up in Ragic.




You can download our CRM template and test to see if it works for you. Here is the user manual for your reference:

For the access right settings, the “super user” refers to our SYSAdmin while the rest of users would be general internal users.

Thanks for getting back.

Just another general question:

We have our contacts stored in google contacts. For this, we have been using simply “lables” to differentiate the contact. This means

  • some contacts are suppliers
  • some contact are existing customers
  • some contacts are leads

How shall we import this google CSV file now into Ragic?

Shall import all contacts labelled as “leads” into the CRM template?
And then all contact labelled as “suppliers” into the Purchasing Management template?

Thank you


Yes, that’s correct.

To import your data properly, please organize your data by following this article.

HI Angie,

I read the tutorial, but I still do not fully understand how to manage the first (two) rows with the stare sign.

Let us just assume, I want to use only the Customer Relationship Template. And here I want to add records to the (sub)table “Leads”

By exporting my data from google contacts, I have now a table with several rows comprising different attributes such as company name, family name, email address etc.

When trying to import this data into the “Leads” sub table, how would I now handle the first columns with the star signs?

or let me ask in another way: Do I need to manually generate the “key field” (unique identifier) if

  • I have a number of contacts
  • without explicit “key field”
  • which I want to import from a CSV?

hello? :slight_smile:


Please send a support ticket via “Need Help?” and provide a sample file that you wish to import for us to refer to.