How to replace "localhost" with my server´s IP-adress?

Hi, i´m running the on-premise-server on my QNAP-NAS. If i do a compresss backup i will receive an email from server like this:

Your Compressed Back up from default is now ready, please click here to download it


, the file will be deleted after downloading.

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Unfortunately i can´t access the provided link directly but have to replace “localhost” with my NAS-IP adress.
Can i configure the on-premise server to do that for me?


“localhost” is the value of the SERVER_NAME configuration on your private server config. You will need to change the SERVER_NAME config on your private server setup to your actual server name to correct this URL.

Can i just replace “localhost” with “192.x.x.x” ?

Hi Jeff, i still didn´t get the answer of my november question. Ist it possible, to replace the value of SERVER_NAME from “localhost” to the IP-Adress 192.x.x.x of my NAS?


Sorry I think I missed your follow up question. 192.168.x.x is usually a local private IP address. It may work for your other devices on the same LAN network, but it will not work for devices from outside of your LAN like when you are not in the office, connecting from your home. So we don’t recommend using a private IP address for the SERVER_NAME attribute on the private server config file.