How to pre-sort and embeded sheet!


I have a sheet embed in a website, it is not sorted at the moment, however users of the website can click on the column header to have the table sorted by that column.

We would like to sort it before hand, pre-sorted by last name then by first name. Also, we would like to disable the ability for users to be able to sort the embed sheet!

Hope you can help…

I have gone over the embedding process and have not seen anywhere an option to disable the sorting feature!

Now from my understanding if I were to sort my Ragic sheet on Ragic, I could save that view, for a pre-sorted version of the same sheet. But the question arises for me, how do I embed a saved view?

I thought it would be possible but when I check, only the raw embed shows any option for selection a shared view, however not sure why, but nothing present in that drop down, so I could not test.

Specifically, I was wanting to embed the Database Viewer, and there is no option for selecting a shared view.

So how do I go about pre-sorting an embed sheet?
And can I turn off the sorting capability of embed sheets for website users?

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The embedded sheet should reflect the default view settings of the original sheet.
However, we’ve discovered an issue where the embedded sheet is not following the original sheet’s default view settings. We have reported this issue to our development team and have added you to the notification list to inform you when the issue is resolved.

On the other hand, please note that it is not supported to disable sorting in embedded sheets.


After discussing with the development team, it is confirmed that the issue is been fixed.

First of all, you’ll need to set the sorting to default view in the original sheet.

In the embedded sheet setting, you may choose to “Apply default view”.

Then in the embedded sheet, it will reflect the default view of the original sheet.