How to list all records referencing an item via subtables.


I have a main record type called Officers with a sub-table called Source & References. I have created a records from which I have ‘created a new sheet’ to hold Source & Reference records. One Source & Reference record can be referenced by many Officer records and all is working well.

My question is this. For each Source & Reference record, how can I list or view all the Officer records that are referencing it?

Many thanks.

I think I may have answered my own question with a bit more experimentation.

It doesn’t look like you can do this by using subtables on the main Officers sheet. Instead of a Sources & References subtable, if I keep the Sources & References sheet and remove the subtable from Officers replacing it with a ‘select from other sheet’ multiple value field I can then automatically populate a subtable on the Sources & References sheet which lists all the Officer records linked to it.

Pretty cool. Unless I’ve missed an easier way.



What you’ve described is a doable way.

Here is the solution to your original question:

Step 1. Create an “Officer” sheet which contains a subtable.
For example:

Step 2. Create a “Source & References” sheet
For example:

Step 3. In the “Officer” sheet, please use link & load to link the “Source & References” field to the " Source & References" sheet.

Step 4. In the “Officer” sheet, use new sheet from subtable to create a new sheet. Let’s call this sheet “Officer to Source” in the below steps.

Step 5. In the “Source & References” sheet, please use show references from existing sheets to insert the “Officer to Source” sheet as a subtable.

This method could be applied when you would like to manage different sources within a subtable in your “Officer” sheet. You may test this structure under the “Community” tab in this database.

Excellent Angie!

I was almost there but was missing one step. What I have now works perfectly.

Thanks a lot.


Thanks a lo,t Angie.
This method seems to have plenty uses.