How to Jump from Page 1 to "229" for instance from the Listing Page?

If I have 300 pages and need to jump to page 229, how to do that? Right now, as ridiculous as it sounds I’m having to click forward 229 times. Entering the record number at page 229 is great and gets me to that record BUT I need to go forward to 230, 231, 232 and just entering page 229 doesnt allow me to do that (takes me to that page with no backward or forward buttons).

I’m sure there’s an easy solution but it’s definitely not easy to find or obvious. Thanks!


To my knowledge, there’s not, which does make it very annoying. But there might be a different workflow that accomplishes the same result faster. What are you looking for by jumping to a specific page?

We’re discussing internally on how to design this UI for searching and going to that record on the listing page and would like to hear everyone’s suggestion. What would be your ideal way to specify a record and go to the listing page containing this record?

Hi Jeff,
I would love some input box to designate page number to be around here.
And also I really want “Go to the last page” in addition to “Go back to the first page” to see how many records are there.


②希望可以顯示有多少記錄 1-25(共有100),目前共有幾頁

This is what Google Translate gave me

Hope there can be
①Go to the first page and then to the last page The button and the button can specify which page to go to
②Hope to show how many records there are 1-25 (total 100), how many pages are currently in total

I never knew about ② thank you for telling me.
About ① I still cannot find this function. I find that there are some buttons we miss if it’s switched to other languages like English to Japanese. So is it possible this function is only available in Chinese version?
Where is this bar supposed to be?

Cannot find it in the bottom

Or top

Oh sorry I thought you were from official Ragic support and you were telling me Ragic has this feature but actually you are just dictating your request.

I discovered only recently that Ragic has “Get record count” function which appears when you click page area.