How to implement Field Component, Selection -- Also, how to print a simple list of records?

Selection Component
This is on Ragic Login, on the “Unit” field. It must be “East” or “West”.

Print Straight list
I have 5 records, I want to print them – not as a bar graph, a label… These are great capabilities that I may well come to embrace. Problem is, I need “all five records” listed. I need to print an invoice (parent and all children).

Thanks in advance.


What do you mean by “implement Field Component”? Could you kindly elaborate more on your question with some screenshots?

For the print question, do you mean you want to print multiple records with subtables on the list page?
If so, you may create Mail Merge (Export as Word/Excel) in the form page first, then use the Batch Execute on the list page.

I fugured it out… so simple when you go thr right way.

On the second, ill haveto get back to you
Tha n ks fir the PROMPT reply