How to force spreadsheet to refresh more often(ideally everytime published fields on Ragic have changes)

Hi this may be a topic for google docs developers but I assume this is a problem that those who tries to integrate ragic with spreadsheet will face eventually so here it goes.

How can you force spreadsheet to refresh more often?
I wanna share our data on ragic with our contracter through spreadsheet and let them fill in their data there but it is not practical with default re-calculating schedule.


Would you please let us know how you integrate Ragic with your spread sheet?

Hi Amy
As your manual
And made the table.

How often the data are retrieved is totally decided by Google Sheet, there’s pretty much nothing we can do on our side. According to some online documentation, the interval is one hour.

Hi Jeff
Thanks for the reply and the link.
I will keep studying on the issue.

You can actually write a Javascript inside your google sheet to pull data from Ragic. Then set a trigger on how often you want to sync it either every minute, hour, day. You may need an API key to achieve this.


Hi I hadn’t visited community for a while and missed your post but thank you for the comment!
I should definately start learning GAS.