How to dynamically update loaded values or to generate a table report?

We use Google Sheets extensively but are looking for a more robust approach.

In Google Sheets we regularly update some values which are, then, used to calculate some other values. The calculation happens across several sheets: say, Table C uses values from Table B which uses values from Table A. It doesn’t work quite the same in Ragic: values do not get dynamically loaded from linked sheets.

My instinct was to make a table report, or a script, – sorry, I’m not familiar with database terms – which will perform all the fetching and calculation upon request, then spit out a table. But I didn’t figure out how to do that.

Another option – use Link & Load Syncing. But it seems to not work when you need to fetch a value that, itself, has to be fetched from a third table.

Okay, this option kind of solves the problem: Sync ALL linked fields on this form with updated source value for all records.

But I’m not satisfied yet. I guess, I would really like the option of generating an aggregated table upon requesting – like a report.

Or maybe there is an option to update ALL the values in ALL the sheets?


For your link and loads, if you have selected the option to keep loaded value sync with source, your load fields will update their values once the values on the source field changes. For your case, you should select this option on all the link and load relationships you’ve mentioned.


We are having same issue. It seems that keep loaded value sync with source doesn’t work properly when the source value has been changed/loaded by other sync process. In other words, it seems that sync doesn’t work in cascade, just works at first level.

Form2 Link Manager:

Form3 Link Manager:

Form1 Values: (We changed Field2 from Value#01 to Value#001)

Form 2 Values: Field 3 Sync OK.

Form 3 Values: Field 3 Sync NO OK.

We also tried with this: With correct values at accountname, tabname a si value as explained here

with this result:

It just synced after manually executing sync all option:

Here it is:

Is there any way to sync ALL loaded values in cascade when the source value is changed?